IF Comp: The Bible Retold: The Lost Sheep

Author: Ben Pennington
System: Z-code 
Blurb: There is dissent in the ranks! One of your sheep makes a run for the next field, jumping gracefully over the hedgerows. You stand up quickly and collect your crook. You need that sheep!
Time Played: About 30 mins with replays

More (with spoilers) after the break, you may wish to play before reading...

Review: This short, simple game is loosely based on the Biblical story of the Lost Sheep. Basically, you spend the game chasing around the deserter (while the occasional surreal thing happens around you). The writing is good -- I particularly liked the bit about my sheep counting each other when they wanted to sleep and the response given to an attempt at jumping. 

The adaptive hint system is a good idea and mostly well done, although it was not helpful at the point after I got a fire going but before I got the right bushes burning. (I didn't like the way that particular puzzle played out, either: unless there's something I missed, what good shepherd would risk burning a precious sheep?)

Found some fun stuff on my own, then replayed to try more amusing things. Competently coded and good for some smiles; too short and light to be a serious IF Comp contender.

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