If Comp: The Chronicler

Author: John Evans 
System: Z-code 
Blurb: A short game with a few interesting tricks. 
Time Played: not long
More (with spoilers) after the break, you may wish to play before reading...

Review: It's not a lot of fun playing an unfinished game, or a game you can't finish. This game is both. There were some interesting objects to fiddle with (basically you throw some switches to change time and attempt to fix things) but the lack of story (or much setup, even) made the game rather dull. And then I got stuck in a room with a machine I couldn't see. Bleh.

Like a baby with a toy, I was pushing buttons without knowing what the purpose was. There's a nice little germ of a puzzle idea in here, but next time don't enter your game unless it's 100% finished. 110% would be even better. It's the details and the polish that make a good idea into a great game.

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